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Pascal Briand Mota Amped Hybrid Banded Wheel Review
See Pascal Briand Mota Amped Hybrid Banded Wheel Review Here.
Published by Pascal Briand on Mar 27, 2017:
In this vlog I'll test the MOTA Hybrid Banded wheels. Please notice that MOTA is not my sponsor. I'll test the wheels that I received like I would any other product. I'll tell you what their like, good or bad. But in this review be ready to mainly see good. MOTA did a good job. I wanted to test them because I like the idea behind them. Built a good quality wheel at a good price. 125mm wheel prices are really irritating at the moment so I wanted to see what MOTA was able to do. I have to tell you, I was really surprised by the wheels roll, almost no different from my G13 or One20FIVE wheels. $104 for a set of wheels with bearings is almost like a dream these days. I think I'll do my next marathon on them (Beijing on April 30th normally). The radius (shape of the wheel) is also good. A little better than the Matter but not as good as the MPC. Still, my edge to edge was fabulous. It's really good for technique to have a good edge to edge profile. About the grip, I would still prefer an MPC wheel but it's as good as the MATTER wheel. It's a BANDED wheel, with a soft urethane inside and a classic urethane outside. The hub is good, it doesnt tork like crazy but it's a perfect compromise for roll in straight line and grip in corners. This wheel is about the same price as a Matter Image wheel but the quality is so much better. It has the quality of a top level wheel at the price of a mid range wheel. That's great for the sport to be able to find performance wheels at a better price. Good job MOTA. I like the idea of being made by a skater for a skater. Thank you MOTA. If you need new wheels at the moment, it's more than a serious option to look at. These wheels are really surprising. -Pascal Briand
Perfect wheel for indoor and outdoor training. Proprietary core that supports a band with an interlocking system. Priced to breed competition, grow the sport and allow skaters to enjoy performance wheels at an affordable price.
2017 Mota Amped Hybrid Banded Outdoor Wheels
84mm - 87a - $9.00 (not banded)
90mm - 87a - $10.00 (not banded)
100mm - 87a - $12.00 (banded)
110mm - 87a - $13.00 (banded)
125mm - 87a - $16.00 (banded)
1 free set of Yolo Abec 7 bearings with every
set of Amped Hybrid inline wheels.
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